About Eco-Pup

Eco-Pup is an Eco-friendly Canadian company that specializes in sustainable pet products for your dogs and cats.

Our 'how we began' Story...

Eco-Pup Dog Clothing was created by Susanne Postill in 2008. As her dog BoBo, a senior peke-poo, got older she began to dress her more often to help keep her warm and comfortable in her old age.  After shopping around for a long time, Susanne noticed that the more stylish items were mainly synthetic and "big box" styles.  Wanting to provide her dog with something gentle and natural, she began to look for natural & organic pet clothing.  Upon searching high & low, Susanne found that all of the natural/organic clothing items available for pets consisted of very basic pieces that just didn't suit BoBo's style.  She felt that there needed to be more fashionable green options available for pet clothing - just because it's green doesn't mean it has to lack style!  Susanne decided to make BoBo her very own eco-friendly clothes which resulted in constantly being asked "Where did you get that?!"  Combining her love of fashion, animals, and the environment Eco-Pup Dog Clothing was born!

Our Products...

Eco-Pup's green fashions are designed for every season to meet the needs of Eco-friendly and fashion forward customers who want to dress their dogs in functional and stylish clothing while maintaining a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle for both themselves and their pets.  The Eco-Pup dog clothing and accessories lines are made with natural, organic and recycled materials while maintaining trendy, high quality fashion for your pets.  Eco-Pup designs all of their products to be easy to put on and remove, and ensures that they are durable enough to endure the 'dog days' of life.

Eco-Pup Dog Clothing products are proudly made in North America and shipped worldwide.

Things we do to be eco-friendly...

  • we reuse packing boxes for large orders
  • reuse plastic and cellophane bags for packaging
  • all cardboard, paper and plastic packaging that cannot be reused is recycled
  • orders are taken electronically
  • we try to use email and the phone as much as possible instead of printing paper
  • any bottles and cans we use are recycled
  • all of our printer ink cartridges are mailed back to the manufacturer to be recycled
  • all of our business cards and catalogs are printed on eco-friendly recycled paper
  • Our hang tags are printed on eco-friendly cardstock with vegetable based soy inks. They withstand shipments and shelf life.
  • our products are 100% eco-friendly by using certified organic, reclaimed and recycled fabrics
  • we take public transit and carpool whenever possible
  • we use biodegradable poop bags to clean up after our dogs


Eco-Pup Dog Clothing
415 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1J9   Canada
Phone: +1 604 307 9482
Fax (toll free): 1-866-384-1530
Email: info [at] ecopup.ca